Friday, March 25, 2011

The journey begins

I got a ticket to India today, thanks to the efforts of Dr. Gary Lowe and Owen Cortner of Aggies Go Global, NMSU's initiative promoting international learning experience. Starting in June, I'll be volunteering at the Shraddha Rehabilitation Centre near Karjat in the state of Maharashtra. Shraddha is a unique farm that houses homeless men and women with schizophrenia and uses vegetable cultivation and dairy farming as part of the rehabilitative process. The farm, established in 2006 on 6 1/2 acres in the undulating grassy hills of Karjat, can house sixty men and women at any one time. Shraddha has helped more than 1200 men and women struggling with schizophrenia to get off of the roads and ultimately back with their families in far flung villages and towns throughout India.  You can check out their website here.

Oh, yeah, in Sanskrit, Shraddha (श्रद्धा) means faith.   


  1. Looking forward to following your blog Chaz. This is a life changing journey!

  2. Mr. Wemple : They are so pleased to have you coming soon to be visiting their hot and big country. I know you are going to love it. Don't be surprised if you are seeing many changes since your last visit. Keep in mind that your soul will not mind this as it is attuned to India no matter what!

    You are going to be very happy there.

    Ms. Empire